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25 Apr 2021


Insights, Solutions and Shaping Change

You can’t solve what you can’t see.

So without insights, you can’t solve anything.

Insights are fuel for the solution engine.

But solutions don’t equal business success- unless they are faithfully acted upon.

Because, solutions not implemented, arguably aren’t solutions at all.

Saying what to change, is fully realised when what to change it to, is shown. But there is a catch.

The word ‘change’ signifies too many different things, to too many different people, for it to have any specific meaning for anyone.
‘Change’ means too many things to be an accurate instruction to action.

And worse, everyone assumes others understand what they mean when the word is used.

Based on such erroneous assumptions, people may unknowingly apply a perfectly valid change solution, except to the wrong change problem.

To shape change, you must define change.

To define change, you must understand change: The conditions required for change, the steps on the pathway to change and the variations of change an organisation can aspire to.

  • The core output of Seven is creative.
  • The core processes of Seven are insight-based change methodologies.
  • The core business of Seven is shaping change.

What would you like to change?