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Them buns dough

01 Apr 2022

At Seven, we're partial to a hot cross bun. So much so that we'd even argue the hot cross bun season should be longer. However, the one thing we can't agree on is what bun beats the bunch.

Dense and fruit-forward? Light for toasting perfection? Custard heavy? Don't even start on preparation. So, this year we decided to put our palates to task and take a vote.

Gathering a sample of some of the supposedly finest hot cross buns around Tāmaki Makaurau, we set to work. Our variables? Buns from Ima, Miann, Daily Bread, Il Forno and Foxtrot Parlour. We even kept our prep constant for some semblance to the scientific method: light butter and a medium toast.

And the winner is...

  1. ‎‏‏‎Ima
  2. Miann – Rich in flavour and even better with Miann gelato inside
  3. Daily Bread – The cinnamon lovers’ dream. Understated, spring and light on fruit.
  4. Foxtrot Parlour – Rich, generous in size and full of fruit and flavour
  5. Il Forno – The perfect bun for those who enjoy a crisp toasting

Ima’s bun is one you'll either love or hate, and given our 7–1 ratio, high chance it's love. Decadent vanilla custard cross, a dense, citrus peel-infused dough, and a delicate fruit balance, all for $5.50. This coveted Easter Sunday treat sells out quick, so make sure to get your order in: