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Aquariums for Oligarchs


Since 1972, Aquamarine has evolved from roots designing houses in Kerikeri, to building city-scale entertainment destinations in Russia, North Korea, the USA, India and beyond.

The new brand is designed to position them to compete on a global scale with the world’s best architectural firms and specialist entertainment developers, and to engage with a very select elite audience of clients and investors.

Specialising in ‘biomes’ that bring natural ecosystems into built environments, their focus is to build future-focused entertainment destinations that educate and inspire public audiences and foster a love of the natural world. Their philosophy and aspirations informed a core brand idea of ‘Evolution Through Insight’. The identity supports aquamarine's highly conceptual projects through distinct visual language; broad colour palettes, graphic illustrations and image treatments.

The contrast between the natural world and the man-made world creates a tension point that flows through the brand identity at each touchpoint, balancing organic with synthetic or constructed elements. Hard edges meet soft and fluid; Colour use captures the ever-changing tones of nature alongside man-made finishes and metallics.

A custom typeface plays within the tensions of the brand, balancing sharp corners and organic curves into symbiotic letterforms.

In a practical sense, the brand must engage stakeholders all over the world, with design for the website and collateral adapting for translation into Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic and other diverse languages and character sets, and remaining sensitive to cultural differences.