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Fully conceived, concepted, written, designed and produced by the creative team, Insight exists to support Aquamarine’s premium brand proposition, help to support their thought-leadership positioning, and to engage with a very select audience of clients and investors.

Aquamarine are true entrepreneurs, competing on a global scale with the world’s best architectural firms and specialist entertainment developers. Specialising in ‘biomes’ – which bring natural ecosystems into built environments – Aquamarine builds future-focused entertainment destinations that educate and inspire public audiences and foster a love of the natural world.

Full of thought pieces related to the environment, as well as case studies profiling their large-scale work and strong client partnerships, Insight conveys scale and capability while also communicating the ethos and aesthetic behind the business.

Stock selection plays to the conceptual tensions within the brand between natural and constructed elements; The high gloss mirror stock cover starkly contrasts the uncoated pages it reveals, also symbolising a moment of self reflection. Section pages alternate by contrasting uncoated and coated. Distinct graphic language illustrates the magazine's content through bold colour selection, typography and illustrative elements.







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