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The OG talent agency. Hard charging, straight talking, big hearted professionals, dedicated to opening up New Zealand talent on the world stage. J&L’s dominance needed reaffirming – without losing their spirit, energy and character. And injecting a sense of irreverence and fun inherent in the industry.

The new identity is ‘grown up’ and shows their unapologetic confidence, bold approach, and what they’re really really good at. Which is, simply, making great matches.

Using a strong singular palette, segmented to represent divisions of their business, with the ‘This & That’ idea to twist a little sideways, with visual interpretations putting an unexpected spin on each pairing to draw the viewer in. Endlessly replicable the approach creates an ownable, recognisable theme and a thread of consistency throughout comms, while delivering wit and personality. A smile in the mind that’s perfect for engagement in social, and can play out in a multitude of contexts.







What we did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Design & Art Direction

Seven walked beside us as a fresh-faced start-up 20 years ago, and as we’ve gone international, they’ve helped our brand to evolve and grow with us. Our website, comms and signage all help tell our story in a fun way, with cool creative ideas that really engage our artistic audiences. It’s smart work we’re really proud of.

Imogen Johnson – CEO, Johnson&Laird