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Brand Identity

If you think your brand identity is “a logo”, you’re setting your brand up to fail.

A logo might be its most distilled form, but it is an output, not a foundation to build an empire on.

Brand identity, along with brand voice, are the definitions, rules and visual assets that set the framework for how your brand communicates with people. It’s said that 90% of communication is non-verbal. How we treat people. The manner and tone behind our words. The clothes, hair and makeup that define our style. These are all the things that people know and recognise us for as individuals. How they build a view of us and our intentions. It’s the same for brands.

Strong brand relationships are based on trust. Just as with a person, when someone knows what to expect of a brand, they have the trust to engage with confidence. To have a conversation, to hear what you say, to buy what you sell.

Rather than a split personality or one easily forgotten, defining a strong, consistent identity builds a memorable personality in the minds of your audience,

Talk to us about defining your brand identity.

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